commercial landscaping minnesota
commercial landscaping minnesota

Commercial Landscaping and Wholesale Nursery Serving Minnesota and the Upper Midwest Since 1977

Commerical Landscaping and Wholesale Nursery
Commerical Landscaping and Wholesale Nursery
Commerical Landscaping and Wholesale Nursery

Hoffman & McNamara

Commercial Landscaping and Wholesale Nursery

Hoffman & McNamara Nursery and Landscape offers commercial landscaping and wholesale nursery services based out of Hastings, Minnesota since 1977. We proudly service Minnesota and the upper Midwest areas. We install landscapes in community areas such as freeway interchanges, parkways, golf courses, parks and various commercial settings.

Public Sector Landscaping and Contracting

Tree Planting

Commercial Landscaping

Wholesale Nursery : Shade, Ornamental and Coniferous Trees

Commerical Landscaping and Wholesale Nursery

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Our company operates on strong core values.  We strive to be as resourceful and efficient as possible, with the highest quality of workmanship.  It’s important to us to always be dedicated professionals in an often unprofessional industry.  We work to be flexible to fit project needs and stay committed to quality of product.


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Even with over 40,000 trees in production at our nursery in Hastings we recognize that our own availability may not always align completely with the varieties or sizes you are looking for. For this reason we bring in material from an extensive network of other growers each season. We have relationships going back decades with countless growers from coast to coast and our ability to be able to combine your needs with those of our other customers and projects means we can receive greater volume discounts and reduced freight and handling costs that we can pass on to you. If you do not find what you are looking for on our availability please do not hesitate to ask us if we can supply it.

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to check out more videos to see our team in action. Here the team is harvesting a tree for a current local government project.

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